Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Walk Away from a Yahtzee

So this week I uploaded another video to my Yahtzee collection.

I've been amazed by the number of people who have contributed their own videos.

And I've also been intrigued to note the disproportionate number of viewers who seem to have rolled all 5s.

One viewer produced the following tally of which number has been most common.

1s - 7 times
2s - 11 times
3s - 11 times
4s - 9 times
5s - 19 times
6s - 9 times

(Reminder: A Yahtzee is five matching dice of any number - so on 19 occasions the five dice all came up as a 5)

Anyway, onto the real reason for today's blog post.

It is simply to share another nice Yahtzee related email from the Numberphile inbox.

This one is from a chap named Simon and it goes as follows:

Hey Brady,

I just have to tell you a story. 

During the last three weeks I was on a cycling trip with two friends of mine.

To kill some time in the evenings we played Yahtzee almost every day. On one day we invented the rule that if someone throws a yahtzee in a single roll, they would have to stand up not saying a word and just walk away... then they would win the game.

We invented this rule pretty much for fun as we were pretty sure this was never going to happen.

On the last day of the trip when we were at the airport we decided to play some final rounds.

In total we played three rounds and in the second round one friend of mine actually threw a Yahtzee in one roll.

Unfortunately we wasn't aware of the rule anymore and forgot to walk away in silence. So we finished the round to play the final third on

Two throws into the third round I jokingly said to my friend how unnecessary it is to throw a Yahtzee in one roll when I lifted up the cup to see Yahtzee of 6's.

I stood up not saying a word and just walked off to win the game. I left a photo in the attachment that my friends took while I was walking away in triumph ;)

I think it's just unbelievable that not only we got a one roll Yahtzee during our trip but also got a second one just a few throws later.

And to crown it all this all happened on the two last rounds we played during our entire trip. Crazy, right?

Keep it rolling,


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