Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Dressed as The Prof for Halloween

This youngster is dressed as Professor Martyn Poliakoff for Halloween, complete with a periodic table tie.

The original

Here's the email which accompanied the picture...

Dr. Poliakoff and Team,

We wanted to share a photo of our son,  Joshua, who decided to dress up as Dr. Poliakoff for Halloween this year. 

Joshua loves The Periodic Table of Videos that you all produce.

He is 8-years-old and has a special interest in the elements, chemistry, and physics. 

Thank you for all you do – there is a little boy in Blythewood, SC (USA) who appreciates it! 

Dana and Max (Blythewood, SC)

Joshua is not the first person to be inspired by The Prof for fancy dress purposes - here's me a few years ago!


  1. I hope that Joshua can find my son Brady, who is 7 and has a special interest in chemistry and physics. If Joshua's mom wants to email me my email is kerryann at gmail dot com. Maybe the boys can correspond or make videos for each other?

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