Friday, 7 September 2012

A Little Rubik's Game to Play

On Numberphile we're uploading a series of videos about the Rubik's Cube.

One of the highlights is a huge compilation of videos submitted by our viewers.

Hidden away in this monster video are all sorts of gems...

Can you find or count the following:

How many people are solving the cube with blindfolds?

How many cubes break while being solved?

Can you see me (Brady)?

Can you see three shots which feature the world's top speedsolver Feliks Zemdegs?

Can you see Michael from the well-known YouTube channel Vsauce?

Can you spot Brady's fitness instructor Phil!!!?

Speaking of fitness, can you see someone solving the cube on a treadmill?

How many animated "self-solving" cubes appear?

Can you spot the underwater cube?

Most of our cubers are male... But how many females can you see?

Someone cubing while singing along to a Justin Bieber song?

Can you see the cuber with the brown Numberphile website on his screen?

How many cubes appear which are not the standard 3x3?

Did you spot a magic trick?

Can you guess which video is a self-admitted forgery (not the "magic trick" but someone else not really doing it - and this doesn't include sped-up videos which appear!)

And finally, how many Rubik's Cube appear in the video (not including he same cube being shown twice at different parts of the video)?



  1. Brady, I noticed that the hyperlink for Feliks Zemdegs directs you to instead of

  2. Play Rubik's cube online :

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