Sunday, 16 September 2012

A Special Visitor from Italy

I'm on holiday at the moment, but was just CC'd on a great email from Professor Martyn Poliakoff in Nottingham.

Here it is, with some pictures too. (The email was addressed to Chris Rudd, pro-vice-chancellor at the University of Nottingham)

Dear Chris,

Yesterday (Sept 15th) was, I think, the best day that we have ever had for PTOV because a 10-year old Italian fan, Edoardo, was brought specially to Nottingham by his mother as his 10th birthday present.

Edoardo attended the demonstration lecture for A-level students, sitting in the front row, and putting up his hand to answer questions!  

He brought some biscuits as a present for the team, and cards for Pete, Sam, Debbie and me.  

After the lecture he visited my office and went to lab with Pete Licence. 

With Pete Licence in the lab

An experiment with Pete

With The Prof (details of the card below)

Edoardo has watched all the videos, quoting from them, and even reciting perfectly the limerick about DDT

His mother said that last year Edoardo chose "Chemistry" as the conversation topic for his English test at school.

It was really a moving experience. It's occasions like this that makes it all worthwhile.


Edoardo's card

In the chemistry lunch room


  1. Wow! GREAT inspiration. I think that anyone who is really involved in communicating chemistry (teaching?) understands the thrill of such young enthusiasm and interest. Of course, PTOV has been extremely interesting and informative for me as well, 36 years along in the profession! :D Excellent affirmation of a job well done, PTOV Team!

  2. Feel so inspired by this article ♥
    Thank you PTOV for inspiring me to take up B.Sc (Chemistry)!

  3. Wonderful. Just think, along with all the adults like myself who watch these videos out of interest and love of science, but who already have chosen their careers in whatever area of life they have focused on, these videos are also inspiring a whole new generation of future scientists. Think of those same children who, when asked some day in the future, as they hold their newly awarded Nobel Prize, what inspired them to start in science, they can point to thee videos. And think of the continuing contribution you will all be making to the future of science as these videos will be watched for years and years and years, possibly long after all of you have retired!

  4. This could as well have been my son Rohan (13 yrs). Ever since he 'discovered' the periodic videos website he goes back to it again and again to watch the videos many times over. Chemistry for him has moved from being a feared subject to a possible career option. Maybe I too should plan a visit to Nottingham on his next birthday -:)

    You are doing a fabulous job here. Thank you for that.

    Bangalore, India

  5. that's me 5 years ago and next year i'm going to study chemistry at the university! thank you PTOV!!thank you prof Martyn poliakoff!!

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