Tuesday, 13 December 2011

YouTube in Schools

A common complaint I hear is that schools block YouTube - making videos difficult to use in classrooms.

Every week I get emails from frustrated teachers unable to share videos with students.

I've discussed it several times with people at Google (the owners of YouTube) and they've always said "we are working on it".

Well, they HAVE worked on it.

Many of my channels are now part of a program to improve school access to appropriate content.

Sixty Symbols, Periodic Videos and Numberphile are all part of it, among others.

To find out more you apparently visit youtube.com/schools

To be honest I don't yet know how it works... but wanted to share this news as soon as possible.

I hope it means scenes like the one below will become more common and scientists like The Professor will speak to millions more young people!


  1. An alternative could be to upload via blip tv as well. This has less crap on it than youtube.

  2. The problem is that generic software put in place by education authorities blocks 'inappropriate' content. I've seen a site about Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' blocked on the grounds that it promotes knife crime.