Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Eddie's Top Five

One of our biggest fans at the Periodic Table of Videos is a young chap named Eddie.

He lives in Arkansas and is 11 years old.

He famously received at autographed picture of the PTOV team for Christmas - a moment his mother captured on camera!

Well of course we asked Eddie to take part in our collection of top five videos... Here are his picks:


Eddie says: "It's the one that got it all started for me, and I probably wouldn't like the Periodic Table of Videos as much as I do if I hadn't seen that video."


Eddie says: "Caesium is just so awesome. It's the emperor of alkali metals. It is highly reactive and explodes in contact with water."


Eddie says: "Potassium is really cool because of how big the explosion is, and I think the next time you drop a chunk of potassium in the water, you should make it a bigger chunk than in the current video."


Eddie says: "Sodium is cool because it's in your salt. It also is explosive in water."


Eddie says: "I really liked it when the pumpkin started spitting up molten iron."

Honorable mention: SULFUR

Eddie says: "Sulfur is cool because of its unique classification that it's yellow and it stinks and because of the barking dog reaction."

Many thanks to Eddie.... Eddie's mum has also sent us a top five... We'll post that one soon!

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