Monday, 29 March 2010

Top Five from Nurdrage

Here's another "viewer's top five" from The Periodic Table of Videos.

This one comes from the mysterious creator of the Nurdrage channel on YouTube - a great collection of videos in its own right and well worth a look.

Nurdrage's favourite videos are:


Nurdrage says: "Excellent demonstration of the pyrophoricity of alkyl zinc compounds."


Nurdrage says: "It's very interesting to see solid metals dissolving into a liquid metal at room temperature."


Nurdrage says: "I've always liked reactions that occur spontaneously."


Nurdrage says: "Excellent demonstration showing how a carbon dioxide can be an oxidant rather than a waste product in a reaction."


Nurdrage says: "Most non-scientists don't realize it but being able to measure something, anything, is the most important and sought after ability in science. Observations are what separate science from philosophy. The molecular snapshot is a step forward in our ability to observe."

Many thanks to Nurdrage to taking the time to share a top five.... Previous top fives have been contributed by Alex and Sarah, and we have a few more to come.


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